Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Best Deal Going for Online Craft Sales!

There are many places online for artists, crafters and sellers of vintage or supplies for those who make things to sell. But never has there been a better place and price to help you put your wares out there than the "ArtFire Group Deal"

For the bargain basement price of $5.95 a month you have access to a top notch online venue for Handmade, Design, Supplies, Media, Vintage and Fine Art. There are no long term contracts to sign, no commitment past the first month at $5.95. You can cancel at any time or take the time to read all the real advise you have access to on ArtFire, work on your shop and become a successful online seller.

ArtFire  has worked hard to put together some of the best SEO available to individual sellers. ArtFire listings consistently show up early on Google and other search engines. Their 45 day guide offers great tips on how to succeed as a seller on ArtFire. There is a thread by one of the founders that offers the best one on one help for taking better photos I've ever seen. You have several choices on payment methods besides PayPal. They have a customer service phone number with REAL people to answer your questions. Online help is quick and responsive, often after business hours and on weekends!  The internal search engine actually works!The list goes on and on. There is an optimism in the forums with very little of the drama and snarkyness found in many other forums.

This is a limited time offer, so whether you already sell online or wish to start click on this link NOW and find out all about the best deal you'll ever see for access to over 60 MILLION potential customers a month, all for $5.95!

That's over 100,000 people for ONE CENT!

IF THE DEAL IS NOT ACTIVATED your card will not be charged $5.95 or ANY OTHER AMOUNT and your current account status will not change

Here's the link:  ArtFire Group Deal

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