Friday, September 4, 2009

Lordy, Lordy, I just finished my first full day as a school bus driver. New driver, New school year, new contract, new routes,old bus. Bad combination. First bus did not get out of the yard. Transmission would not work. First stop? no kids. Am I in the right place? is it the right time? Yep, by the third stop 25 kids, next one, 20 more...Yikes!Last run today? 3 kids total... 7 stops scheduled. How's that gonna work? I sure hope things settle down next week.
My messy wood shop is looking better and better!

Day 2

No big bus stories today, I did have one "slightly overprotective" mom complain to my boss that her 6th grader was getting "picked on" by the 7th & 8th graders, yesterday. And she met me at the bus stop this AM and voiced her concerns. Strongly. Her daughter now has an assigned seat up front. Case closed.

A few days later:

Almost a week into this School bus driving gig, I'm not impressed with the Co. I'm working for; too many details are not relayed to the peons (the drivers) till there is a problem. Not good when kids are involved. We have been left to make some decisions, without guidance, then chastised (or praised) after the fact. Sorry folks, you (the bus management) should have told us about this before. It's not some local little outfit either; they have branches in several states & have been around for years. OK rant over.

Well, maybe not done ranting:

Don't get me started on the bus!! 30 years of being a mechanic and I KNOW my bus is a piece of ..dodo. New drivers get the worst of the fleet & I think I got the worst of the worst! I was so happy the first day...The trans was out on MY bus & I had to take the extra. Which was a step up. Rats! Day 2 & my bus was "fixed". It ain't, but it moves so I have to drive the p.o.s

The next day:

I made the morning run (barely) and told the head mechanic to please fill up the trans ...again... Or plan on towing it in this afternoon. Off to the dentist now. Oh Joy. Where do I get off this bus????????????


I had a little talk with the head mechanic at the bus co. and with little effort he had my bus running better. Not fixed, not permanent, but we're on the right track and I have the feeling I can "smooze" the man into keeping my bus mobile. (Crosses fingers)

The end of the first full week:

Well, I've been at this bus driving gig for more than a week and things are just starting to settle down. The big surprise was the kids are really no problem. I was warned by more than one school official about a few students that may be a problem, so far...not an issue. They start acting up & I pull the bus over and wait till the kids settle down. They now know that if they want to get home or to school and away from me the fastest way is to stay seated and not be slappin’ at each other.The bus and I have also reached some semblance of cooperation. If it agrees to run reasonably well, I promise that I won't try to beat it to death. If the mechanics can fix the transmission leak (or at least keep the fluid level up) it runs.....ok. (Not good or even OK, just...ok) I can live with that.

Well, that's my bus driving tales to date. We'll just have to wait and see if the coming weeks are as much fun! I'll keep you updated with some of the (hopefully) more interesting aspects of transporting your children to & from school.


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  1. heehee... I enjoyed reading your bus stories... I hope things continue to improve .... good job on getting the kids to understand you aren't there to babysit. Hopefully things smooth out and it turns out to be an enjoyable job.