Thursday, September 17, 2009

More Blogs than you can shake a stick at!

I've had a shop over on ArtFire for almost 3 months and not sold a darn thing. Just a few weeks ago I joined a guild. They started something called a Hit Parade where one shop from the guild gets promoted for a week. Today started my turn as a "float" in the parade.

I have been featured in no less than 5 Blogs in one day!!!:

WOW! not to mention numerous tweets, FB posts and posts to the forums over there.

All this from a guild that is about a month old & has 48 members, about 1/2 of which are really active.

I am so impressed!

Now....... If all this results in at least one sale, I'll really be happy!

My studio views went from 1007 (in 12 weeks) to 1249.
That's 242 in just 24 hours!!!

For anybody trying to sell a product on any of the craft marketing sites I highly recomend you join at least one ACTIVE Guild or Street Team. the friendship and support are worth it themselves, but add this kind of promoting blitz, it really is ...PRICELESS.

OK, I'm done bubbling



  1. cool.... now if those turn into SALES..that will be great!

    personally, I withdrew my verified membership there. Maybe one day Artfire will attract a large audience... in the meantime, I'll just continue plugging away lol...

  2. I know what you're saying Eye. I'm hoping that if enough people keep promoting ArtFire it will take off sooner!!

  3. Thank you for posting the shop link & promoting my "parade." I've also had more views (I think, though I haven't really been keeping track, statistically), but no sales. I'm hoping with an active group, that maybe the shop here will take off. It took awhile for me to start selling on Etsy. I've had 14 sales there, so far. No really active groups to help, though, until very recently. I'm waiting to see if, with the monthly fee, it will become worthwhile on ArtFire...